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Dr Elaine Anderson encourages personal development and is an AACC Certified Life Coach. Coaching is about result through the interaction with an individual in guiding them to break through new ground, forge new paths and transform into a new way of thinking:  Do you feel struck?  Fresh Start Christian Counseling believes that each and every one is born with special gifts and talents; however, these gifts and talents are suppressed and we are not encouraged to break out of our individual boxes. Here at CBS we want to help you to get to that next level, whatever your next level or the next thing you have been trying to achieve.

Are you tried of being in the same?

CBS offers coaching to individuals helping to guide them to the next level of reaching their God given potential

AACC Certified Life Coach

Discover your ideal career placement through charting your life journey to reveal your personal strengths and areas of excellence. Find your talent, natural ability and gifting.

  • Knowing your personality and operating in your strengths not weakness
  • What are your physical values and beliefs?
  • What are your spiritual values and beliefs?

Dr Anderson will help you discover the answers to these questions and empower you to break the barriers and experience a fresh start.

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Certified Life Coach Washington DC, Southern MD, Northern VA